06 April 2013


Lavender silk scarf with dreamy words that take you to a far away place.
Gorgeous detailed purple brooch adds a touch of class.


I see this pretty lady going to brunch on a beautiful, warm day.

05 April 2013


Luscious silk scarf with watermelon print.
Hard to tell its a watermelon, but the black parts are the seeds :)


Bbbbeeeeaaaaaaauuuutiful shiny blue with vintage starburst brooch.
You have to see its beauty to believe it.

204 sold

Gold digger with unique stoned brooch.

203 sold

Dare to be bold.
Vintage brooch with cerulean colored stones.

202 sold

The skirt of one of my prom dresses has new life! There is also beading on the top fold.

201 sold

The mod squad.

200 sold

When I look at this fabric, I see almost Egyptian hieroglyphics.
I paired this bag with a matte turquoise brooch that has a face of a royal soldier.
This clutch is for those who are artistic at heart.

01 April 2013

199 Katie's Bag

Gold and hot pink dupioni silk. Special order for a banquet. So very pretty!