22 August 2011

134 sold

Hot diggity! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?!

133 sold

Love the boldness... makes me want to keep this handbag for myself... unless you buy it.

132 sold

For anyone who loves to travel... or loves the sea... or far away magical places, this handbag will take you there-at least in your mind.

131 sold

Charcoal bag with splashes of gold-so hot! Rhinestones fill in the flowers of the brooch-eye catching.

130 sold

Sultry jewel tones make a lovely handbag!

129 sold

Feminine lace handbag with bow brooch. Perfect for a girl's night out. Or a date night.

128 sold

A rich looking brown handbag is an update to any wardrobe.

127 sold

Bright Safari colors are gorgeous!