23 October 2008

28 sold

Downright beautiful.

27 sold

For whoever is carrying this handbag, I would flip if I ever saw you carrying it on the street. You'd be so stylin'.

26 sold

I really like this unexpected print. Very up in arms.

25 sold

Another of my Memes' silk scarves. Placed on it a geometrically complimenting brooch. So fine.

24 sold

Contrast of a sturdy leather and soft satin. It works.

23 sold

And for the flip of the above... This handbag looks like it's sad, which, in turn, makes me smile for some reason?! Either way, it makes a positive, bold statement.

22 sold

Would you believe me if I told you this handbag once was a pair of pants? Believe it.

21 sold

See #35. Here is the full monty. In other words, the full picture of what the material really looks like. I also carried this bag a few days. Great conversation piece.

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